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In 2008 after  the economic collapse my wife went back to college and 5 years later became a nurse. When she graduated, I stopped working in video production full time and became a Stay at home Dad for my wonderful son who has ADHD. He is now 10 and the joy of my life, even if he drives me crazy and reminds me on a daily basis that he's just like me -- Just.  Like.  Me.

Steamcrunk vintage is a reflection of my personal tastes.  Anything I sell here is something I'd want for myself, or to display in my own home.  I specialize in finding cool guy stuff from comic books and toys to vintage tools  and cigarette lighters.  Enjoy the scenery while you're here man, and let me know if I can find anything for you that might not be currently listed. Our inventory is always changing, so check back often. 

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